Making EBP selections easy!

The Resource

Our Mission


Our clearinghouse makes it easier for you to find and order evidence-based programs (EBPs) without spending hours searching online for effective substance use prevention and health interventions.   We do this by using a network of actual prevention program developers and directors that are dedicated to offering ready-to-use programs and training.  And we provide you with practical information you need to choose the EBP that best fits your needs.  

Designed for Busy Prevention Providers


 We created a resource designed for use by busy prevention and health providers and organizations who need to quickly locate the most effective programs currently available for use.  Our data base includes only the most relevant information you need to pick an EBP ideal for you, including brief program and training descriptions, costs and where to order them.

Effective Programs by Their Developers


All programs listed in our clearinghouse have proven evidence of effectiveness by at least one recognized EBP registry.  Actual program developers or directors provide key information essential for you to make an informed decision about EBP fit for you and your organization.