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Dear Evidence Based Program Developer or Director,

If you have a substance abuse prevention program that is listed on a recognized evidence based registry you are invited to submit your program for possible inclusion on the Evidence Based Programs Clearinghouse.   

Please send us a link to your program’s description on an EBP registry and a brief description of your program following the format below.

Program Title:

Age Group: e.g., children, adolescents, young adults

Description: One paragraph

Program Length: e.g., 6 weekly lessons

Evidence Based Registry Listing(s): name of all EBP registries listing this program, e.g., NREPP, Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development

Program Cost:

Training Cost:

Purchase Program: link to webpage to order the program

Purchase Training: link to webpage to order training for the program

Contact for More Info: name of contact person, phone and email

Website: your website link

Registry Info: link to one EBP registry page describing your program

The Clearinghouse is being created by EBP developers and directors specifically for prevention providers.

Our goal is twofold.  First, to offer a quick and easy to use data base for prevention program providers to choose and purchase ready-to-use evidence-based programs and training.  Second, to create a network of program developers/directors to proactively address barriers to reaching a broader market for our programs and other shared problems as EBP providers.  

Over the past year I’ve had conversations with a number of EBP developers and providers who are all experiencing the same problems, particularly reaching a broader market for their programs and training.  

In addition, last year’s closing of the National Registry of Evidence Based Programs and Practices (NREPP) has made it more difficult for potential prevention program providers to locate EBP’s.

Furthermore, existing EBP registries are typically too complicated, time consuming and are not user friendly.

This endeavor is based on the premise that the marketplace for EBPs is much larger than any one or even a few programs can serve, and that by partnering we can improve each other’s reach and impact for improving and protecting the health and well-being of youth and young adults throughout the nation and world.

We look forward to receiving your program description as listed above so it can be reviewed for possible inclusion within the Clearinghouse.  

If you have any questions, give us a call (904) 472-5022 or email us


Thank you.

Chudley Werch, PhD, Executive Director


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EBP developers and directors wanting to add their program to the Clearinghouse can contact us below.  

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